Big Mike - Prelude

Walter Franco is an automotive designer / brand builder based out of Seattle, WA. Having graduated from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, CA with a degree in Automotive design, Walter is elevating the car community through NAMSAYIN, which is a lifestyle brand that encompasses car builds, events and clothing.

Walter began his automotive passion by building an awarding winning JDM styled Honda CRX that has been featured in Honda Tuning Magazine 2005.

Since then, Walter has worked with automotive design studios from Volvo in Camarillo, CA, has participated in Scion’s Tuner Challenge for SEMA show Las Vegas and has contributed to an aftermarket styling package program with Buick / Hisun in China as well as other automotive builders such as LTMW.

Walter has his own design consultancy called Waffledesigns which helps small business build strong brand identity through graphic logos and designed content.

Instagram: @Waffledesigns

Born and raised in southern CA, Big Mike was immersed in the import car culture from a young age. As a teenager he stood in the magazine aisles of book stores for hours reading magazines such as Super Street, Import Tuner, Honda Tuning, Turbo, Sport Compact Car, and others. As he studied the pictures and read the stories of the builders, Big Mike aspired to one day grace the pages of these print publications.

In 2000, Big Mike purchased his first car – a 1992 Honda Civic Si – and begin modifying it. All the years of reading and observing others builds paved the way for the ideas behind that build, and by 2005 he had created a JDM-inspired hatchback that caught the eye of those who saw it, including a photographer and head editor from one of the very publications that he dreamed of being featured in: Honda Tuning Magazine. In 2005, his dream came true and his first feature came out in print. From that point the sky was the limit and Big Mike continued to build his legacy with his next chassis, a 1992 Honda Prelude. This build went on to win many First Place awards and grace the cover of numerous internationally renowned magazines such as Banzai from the UK and Super Street Magazine. Big Mike then went on to compete in the prestigious SEMA Battle of the Builders, was given distinguished recognition as a Young Guns builder, and went on to become a Top 10 finalist in the Battle.

Big Mike has grown to become a household name and icon in the import automotive culture. As a show judge and event emcee he travels across the United States and to countries across the globe. As a journalist he writes and contributes to major digital and print publications. As a mentor, he represents the entire Sport Compact/Tuner industry and community on SEMA educational panels, and inspires the new generations of enthusiasts and builders via social media and in-person guidance. And as a designer and builder he works with private clients as well as television networks to guide upcoming Tuner builds, all while his personal car stands as the benchmark for detail, passion, and execution for years to come.

Instagram: @TheBigMike

YouTube Channel – BigMikeEdition

Website – Think Bigger Project